• Establishment Year : 2009
  • Location : Tehran - Iran




The REGA GROUP consider themselves the client's capital attorney and therefore have their best interest at heart.  

In recent years "the art of design" has entered the everyday life more than ever and therefore leaving only a specific group. But along with this, it sometimes falls to some extent. Because it only leads to a difference and it fades out the user.While the art of designing is culminating in creating an artistic and thoughtful atmosphere for its audience. Building materials by themselves do not have a particular artistic value. It is thought and art that shapes and adds value to one another, making it a valuable and valuable work.With over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing a team of architects, builders and graphic designers, Raga Design and Development Group has been working to create the right way to create "fashion" crops, and start their journey time. Has givenDuring this time, he has been designing, monitoring and implementing more than 40 residential and commercial villa projects in Iran and the Gulf states. He has also been the consultant for the construction and renovation of branches and office buildings of several private banks and airline bankers. The unique feature of RAGA Group is that it has the ability to execute whatever it designs.
















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REGA means the way and we are trying to create a proper way to create spaces without fashion and time.

The reggae group considers itself the client's capital's attorney and puts its best efforts in the right direction