Ms. Avin Kamangarpoor




Avin Kamangpur, an architect, designer, lecturer at the university, completed his education until he graduated with an MA in Architecture and Urbanism at Hamedan Islamic Azad University. She started her work with Shirdel and her associates consultant engineers from the year 1380, and then continued Her collaboration with the architectural offices of Kamran Afshar Nandari and Firooz Firuz.

During more than a decade, She has been successful in developing architectural design for residential, office and commercial buildings, banks, and redevelopment. Among the projects that have been won and selected by the architectural competitions are the following projects: the selected project of the mayor of the child, the second rank of the competition of the commercial complex, the elective design of the entrance and entrance to Isfahan University of Technology, the selected project of the Tabriz carpet museum, the design of the towers Shurabil Lake Twin, Selected Design by Allameh Jafari University of Tabriz, the first Rank of Hamedan Tourism and Recreation Information Center. Avin Kamangpur currently works as a member of the Consultative Committee of the Permanent Secretariat of the Architecture Competition with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning. In the sixth term, the board of directors of the Tehran Provincial Engineering Organization has served as the head of the Women's Advisory Commission and a member of the Architectural Competitions Team. 






 Photo by : Mehrnaz Shapoori














Awarded Projects